Text 4 Sep 1 note Days 7 and 8

Took a day off from the gym on day 7.  I needed it, I was really emotionally reeling from all the stuff that happened after I found out that Tony was cheating on me, and I spent most of that day in tears.  It was really a low point.  The good news is though is that dinner was delicious.  Steak and salad!  Hurrah!  On day 8, I went for a run around my friend’s neighborhood, which was challenging because of all the hills and valleys.  Ugh!  My knees.  D:  Ow…  For breakfast I had something weird, because my second family (best friend’s family whom I was staying with) are German, as in came to this country thirty years ago German.  They fed me a bagel with raw salmon and cream cheese on it.  Sounds disgusting, I know, but it was actually pretty delicious, no lie.  <3  Off to work out tonight!

Text 1 Sep 1 note Days 5 and 6

So the now ex-boyfriend cheated on me.  With a really fucking ugly chick.  I’m not saying this to be petty, I’m saying it because it’s so big of a downgrade that even his FRIENDS took my side on this.  And now they’re dating, less than a week after he ended it with me.  I feel a little sick to my stomach…  But regardless, I’m going to keep going.  Show him what he’s missing.  Anyway, so about my routine.  Have been eating chicken and water here lately, that’s all I can really keep down due to the emotional distress.  Even so, I have still been working out, and I’ve been doing it all week nonstop.  Didn’t do it as hard as I should have today, but I did incorporate weights, which helped a lot with the frustration.  I just kinda can’t believe he did this to me.  Oh well…  =/

Text 30 Aug Day 4

Breakfast this morning was simple, and was composed of a banana, a protein shake, and a tiny box of orange juice to wash the taste out of my mouth.  Those bananas leave a weird taste…  I like them, though.  I didn’t eat lunch, I didn’t have time.  Bad Sidney!  :c   *wrist slap*  But I did eat dinner and it was a piece of teriyaki grilled chicken with sautee’d mushrooms, water and grapes.  Nomnomnomnom.  Also, my workout was rough today!  I really busted my ass with that one!  Sweated like a beast.  I feel loads better, though.  Doing well this week!  It may only be the first week of the program, but I feel way better.  My head is clearer, my body feels less sluggish and more alive.  I’m really beginning to feel good.  C:

Text 29 Aug 1 note

Can I just say how much I love spinach in salads?  I went to Subway for dinner, just a quick fix of veggies since I was on the go, and I had a couple scoops of tuna (probably a little fatty due to mayonnaise or whatever) with spinach, cucumbers, olives and a few other assorted veggies.  Delish.  Also, small victory for the day is that I walked right by the peanut butter cookies at Subway even though I would have killed the cashier for one.

I fucking love peanut butter cookies you don’t even KNOW.

Text 29 Aug 1 note Day 3

Lunch today was delicious, actually.  Went to Joel’s Asian Grill and Sushi and ordered a sauteed chicken and mushroom lettuce wrap, ate it with a chili sauce, and had a water with lemon.  It was excellent.  Pretty healthy, too!  Lots of protein and no white starch.  I need to give myself a break from cardio today…  My joints hurt hard core.  =/  I think I over-did it yesterday.  But I have maintained my diet, and the exercise will most definitely resume tomorrow!  C:  Sidney out for now.

Text 28 Aug

"To learn to love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance." -Oscar Wilde

Text 28 Aug Day 2

Feeling relatively good today.  I have school from 9AM to 6:15PM in Charlotte, and then I’ll trek back home to finish Day 2 at the gym before dinner.  So far so good!  I challenged myself to take the stairs today rather than the elevator for my class on the top floor.  That one hurt fucking bad.  My knees are screaming at me for it, but I felt it was necessary.  Small steps, that’s what’s important!  I like the rush that I felt afterwards though, what with all the blood flow increasing in my knees and in my chest.  My head feels clearer!  Awwwwww yiss.  So, for dinner tonight, I’m thinking chicken.  Had beef last night.  Lots and lots and lots of salads.  Kinda hungry right now, actually, and I think that’s gonna be the hardest part.  I’m used to eating a bunch of empty, processed foods and carbs and while my body adjusts to the protein, it’s gonna be a bit of a process.  /stomach continues to grumble.

Text 28 Aug Day 1

My first workout happened today.  I was exhausted and I didn’t want to do it, because I had just finished a twelve hour shift at my dead end, minimum wage job, where I am working to put myself through school.  I did it anyway, though, and finished a 40 minute, intense cardio workout before coming home and making dinner.  For dinner I had a salad with grilled steak strips, olives, a light dusting of low-moisture cheese cubes, and olive oil vinaigrette dressing, with a protein smoothie to tie off the day that evening.  It was my last food related item, and I finished it at about 8:30 PM.  Surprisingly, despite the hard push for the cardio, I wasn’t sore.  My face when:

Text 28 Aug A brief introduction…

I began this blog mostly for me, so if no one follows, it won’t bother me.  

I came to a life realization here lately, and the light bulb came on.  I’m fat.  I’ve overweight, I am unhealthy, and I have absolutely no self confidence.  After a pep talk from my brother and a nasty break up from a long term boyfriend, I decided that it was time to change; change for the better, and change for ME.  With help from aforementioned brother and support from friends and family I am changing my life.  I’m dropping the fat chick mentality, and am determined to make something of myself, make myself into someone I can be proud of, and to build my confidence.  So, in this blog, I’m going to write down things about my progress, i.e my eating habits, my workouts, the emotional, psychological, and physical process of losing the weight and getting back on my feet.  

The goal is to lose 80lbs in a year.  So here is what we have to work with.

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 220lbs.

Goal Weight: 140lbs.

Time Frame: 1 year to 1.5 years.

BMI: 36

I can do it!  But the journey of a thousand miles began with a single step!

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